my kid

day 97/365
finding the light

summer is coming to a close and fall is right around the corner.  my favorite time of day for this light is changing and it'll be getting darker and darker earlier now. so i dragged the family out to this location after dinner and took some images in my light...cause, you know, it's MY light. i used my brand new 135mm which is SO much heavier than my old faithful, my 35mm 1.4. i was shaking like crazy trying to steady myself and get a good picture. seriously, it was ridiculous. my son was not amused at how many pictures i had to take. especially when the people started exiting the train above us and walking right past where we were. "mom...hurry up and take my picture ok??" so i did.


school starts tuesday!

day 96/365 open house

so today, we all went to my son's open house. he was actually pretty nervous wondering what his new classroom, teacher, and friends were going to be like. while i told him that he had nothing to be afraid of, i was actually pretty nervous myself. you see, my son has recently been diagnosed with ADHD, so this school year will be very different for all of us. so many thoughts are running through my head. will he like his teacher? will he be able to focus in class and not wander around the room like last year? will he meet new friends? will he like them? will they like him?? will he be happy?? that's my fear. that's what i worry about. i can teach him things and he will learn, but will he come home happy??



day 94/365
the day she asked if i would take her picture

she normally doesn't like it when i take her picture. ok, correction, she acts like any other 4 year old would act when i try to take her picture. all i have to ask her to do is stand there and suddenly, she has to hug me. or tell me she loves me. or go to the bathroom. or move just as i'm about to press the shutter. or just doesn't even look at me. this time was different though. this time she ASKED me to take her picture. i said "are you sure?" she replied "yes" and sat down (??!!) where i asked her to (???!!!) and stayed there (???!!!!!) until i said "thank you ella, mommy's finished now."

school prep

day 93/365 buzz cut

my two favorite people

i look at my kids everyday and i love how they are with one another. are they this way all the time, as you see them here?? uh...nope. not at all. this came before they started joking around and hitting one another. this is how they are though, happy and laughing one minute, showing some crazy emotion the next. but they love one another. they do. i can see it in their eyes you know?? and i just adore that.


why...hello there

hello world. my name is jenn and this is my little place in the webisphere that i call home. it's still a work in progress, but i'm here. i've already posted some images that you can scroll down and see, but i have some more that i'm going to add. i wanted to share this one with you for my first post though. this is the image that i took for an online photography course that i took. it wasn't perfect, but i loved it. it's my son and his eyes that i love the most. how they're looking at you...like right through you. it's the first image that i ever took that i was proud of.  like, I did this you know??  anyway...here it is, my kid. my love.  my blog. i hope you stick around.
my littlest
my two favorite people


bath time

ella in the bath
my son, the stand-in



sitting in the king chair


looking up


ice cream hands


the train bridge near my house


lazy wednesday



e's view

in the bath