a day in the life | november edition

a few weeks ago, i was asked if i wanted to join a blog circle with some crazy talented ladies. i immediately said yes because, well, it would be like if paul mccartney contacted me and said "hey jenn, ringo can't play tonight….would you like to give it a whirl?" i mean, who could say no to that??? we decided on the the idea of a monthly "day in the life" post and i'm pretty sure that my pulse rate shot through the roof for a few seconds. i mean, i love my kids, but holy moly after a half hour of taking their picture, i'm spent. this would involve a whole day! 24 hours! 1440 minutes! 86400 seconds! that's a LOT of time to try and chase them around and/or beg them for a shot or two. was i up for the challenge??
i decided to go for it and documented our day this past sunday. the husband was working that morning and afternoon and we decided to join him for a bit in DC later on. so, basically, it was me trying to take pictures and actually get them ready, fed, and out the door without having a nervous breakdown. did my kids listen, without me having to repeat myself a million times?? ohhhh no. did i learn some things about documenting an entire day?? ohhhh yes. for one, remember to take pictures at the restaurant during dinner instead of totally forgetting my camera in my bag. sheesh.
be sure to follow the circle over to erin mcgregor's blog and see what her beautiful family was up to!!! then, when you get a chance, be sure to stop by her Facebook page here!!


it's blog circle time...let's get spooky

so the challenge this month was spookiness. to be honest, this was kinda challenging cause i realized that i clearly do not do "spooky". buuuuuuuuuuut, because i am SO not a giver upper, here are three images that i did. hope you like!!!


beware of flying ninjas


the itsy-bitsy spider


ghostly girl in forest

and lasst, but not least....

things that go ROAR in the night

soooo..what do you think?? please let me know in the comments and, after you're done, head on over to my pal bianca and see what she cooked up!!