five minutes of her...a study in bedhead

hello there!! 
for this month's "a day in the life" post, i decided to try something different. 
this time, i went with something that i have seen done before and loved...
a series of shots that were taken in a few minutes time. 
it basically came about after seeing my daughter wake up with the craziest bedhead around. 
i had to take some shots to remember what it looked like and that's when all this happened. 

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so, i bought my kid a hat...

i am not a hat person.
seriously, baseball cap is as "hat" as i'll dare to go.
i tried to be a hat person.
really and truly tried.
in the end, i just looked like a big doofus.
so, no hats for this lady.
my son and daughter, however, wear hats (mainly because i make them) and wear them pretty darn well.

case in point....

hat person.