her little red tricycle

day 137/365

i am so lost here. i think i am on the right day here, but still behind in posting them. i love this one of my kid. she sat there on her tricycle like a rock star and drove around and around me so that i could get her in the right spot to take her picture. funny thing is, initially, i was just going to take a picture of it without her on it. just in that light. she actually wanted to get on it and asked me to take her photo. crazy right??


hey....it's hay!

day 134/365

so. we found some hay....


sunglasses and attitude

day 132/365

yup. that's my kid. and no i didn't tell her to stick her tongue out. that was all her. she even asked to put my sunglasses on. so there.


dancing in the street

day 128/365

holy moly, it's been a while hasn't it??

so. very. sorry.

anyway...i've still been taking my pictures daily. so let's just pretend that little break never happened...m'kay??

so, i found this light over this hill on the way back from somewhere. as we were driving by, i just said "oh." to which my husband turned to me and said "what?" "nothing," i replied "it's just really beautiful light." "do you want me to stop jenn?" "you don't have to," i said, clearly wanting him to have to. he turned the car around and we found this spot. he waited on the other side of the hill, just in case and i worked with our kids. we were just about ready to head back to the car when i looked up and they were dancing. just like this. i quickly took some shots and, well, that was it.


woo-hoo!! i'm part of a blog circle now!!!!!!

in case my over-use of the exclamation point wasn't that obvious in the title of this post, i am beyond excited to tell you that i am now a part of a blog circle!! this entry marks my first ever post...so can i get a "woot-woot"??

anyway...for the past month, i was challenged with trying to make the inhuman, human. yeah, that's exactly what i thought. like, ummmmm, how am i going to do that??!! we have no pets, well, we don't have any pets right now. we did have two goldfish that i accidentally killed and a dog that went to go live on a farm (and i don't mean that in the air bunny quotes way, like farm=heaven, she totally went to go live on a legit farm) and my kids are still upset about that one. my daughter will openly cry about it, to the point where i feel like the worst parent in the world. seriously...she actually calls out the dog's name in a howl as she's crying. heartstrings have been torn.

sorry....i'm digressing here.

the point is, we have no pets.

sooooooo what could i use??

looking around my house, i decided to use some inanimate objects and different lighting situations, to see if i could make them look human...or at least show some sort of emotion. here's what i came up with!!

thanks for looking and be sure to head on over to the fabulous melinda over at melinda anderson photography to continue the circle!!!