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some favorites

fall is going strong right now.
and by strong i mean cold as all get out.
i mean, holy mackerel, i'm bundled up at my computer as i type this.


here are some favorites....just posting so the three people who read this blog (my husband, myself, and the one random person that just happens to find me while they're clicking along.


the cowan family

i recently shot a family of a photographer friend of mine. to say that i was nervous is an understatement. my skills lie in the hobbyist realm, where i run around after my kids looking for that one (maybe two or three) shot/s and call it a day. i'm quite content there.

my friend yasmina, who is an incredible photographer herself (seriously go to her website now and behold the amazingness...i'll wait) offered a photography exchange where i would shoot her family and then she would return the favor and shoot mine. because i refuse to get in front of my own camera and have maybe 3 shots of me with my kids...i thought it would be a good idea to do the exchange. i mean, it would be nice if my kids had at least ONE reminder of what i looked like. right?

i was nervous. i mean, i do not take clients. i shoot my kids and the occasional kid that's playing with my kid. that's it. to add to the pressure was the idea that she would actually use these shots in her home. in. her. home. my palms started to sweat just thinking about it.

she was amazing though.

she picked the location, the outfits, and man did she and her husband make it so stinking easy for me. her, her husband, and her adorable daughter are all sweet as pie, with model good looks.


best. one-time. session. ever.


my 365 - and then we snapped

i'm just gonna come right out and say it, i am behind and i haven't clue one as to where i am in my 365. 

for reals.

the goodish news is that school starts today.

while i will miss my kids (stop looking at me like that!! i will!!), i am looking forward to be able to sit in quiet and be able to THINK without having to deal with two arguing siblings, or deal with the newest thing they love to do. 

it's gross. 

it rhymes with harting and starts with an "f" and it happens all. day. long. 

farting ladies and gentlemen.

my kids love to fart on each other. 

well, we try to make it sound cute and call it "tooting" but it's still a smelly, smelly thing.

my son will sit on his sister's head and fart. 

then she will jump on him when he least expects it and do it right back.

then my son retaliates somehow and will tell his sister to "breathe it in nice and deep!!!"

i mean, REALLY?????

anyway...i'm just going to post some pics that i've shot recently, pretend that i'm all caught up, and enjoy my coffee without interruption...

or flatulence.

thanks for stopping by!! 

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a day in the life...august sprinkler edition


summer is almost over and school is right around the corner...literally, we live thisclose to their school.

my kids have been hanging out at the pool and (occasionally) running through the sprinkler. i'm pretty sure though that this will be the last summer of sprinkler for the boy, because he's "getting too old for this ma".  :(

anyway, here's my kids playing around in the sprinkler.

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this past week (or week 5,678,872 of summer vacation)

ok, so i have not been on here in a really really REALLY long time huh?

like, months right??


well, for those three people who follow my daily exploits (shout out to my husband who is one of them...thanks honey!!) i am going to try (emphasis on the word try) to start posting at least weekly here.


as long as my kids will give me five minutes before one of them tries to kick the other.

what was that you said??

oh, i'm so very sorry...i forgot to tell you!!

my daughter has taken to kicking her brother when she's ticked off at him, or even just randomly. apparently her 5 year old brain will shout "kick him right this minute for absolutely, positively, no real reason!! do it NOW!!!"

so she kicks him.


not. kidding.

nothing says "i love you" than a swift kick to the shin, am i right??!!

when does school start again??

all stories of our summertime kicking extravaganza aside, let me just tell you, it has been a struggle for me to keep up with my daily shooting and editing with the kids home this summer.

i so do NOT want to be a quitty mcquittington this go round, so i am hoping the amazing ladies that i have teamed up with, will help drag me to the finish line next january.

so without further ado, here is my week.  i cannot for the life of me remember what exactly number week i am in right now (hey, i have a kid who is KICKING. HER. BROTHER. people) so, let's just say it's 30 something or other.


thanks for dropping by and please complete the circle and head on over to my fabulous friend mary, of mary slone photography and see how her week shaped up!!! hopefully kicking was NOT involved.