this past week (or week 5,678,872 of summer vacation)

ok, so i have not been on here in a really really REALLY long time huh?

like, months right??


well, for those three people who follow my daily exploits (shout out to my husband who is one of them...thanks honey!!) i am going to try (emphasis on the word try) to start posting at least weekly here.


as long as my kids will give me five minutes before one of them tries to kick the other.

what was that you said??

oh, i'm so very sorry...i forgot to tell you!!

my daughter has taken to kicking her brother when she's ticked off at him, or even just randomly. apparently her 5 year old brain will shout "kick him right this minute for absolutely, positively, no real reason!! do it NOW!!!"

so she kicks him.


not. kidding.

nothing says "i love you" than a swift kick to the shin, am i right??!!

when does school start again??

all stories of our summertime kicking extravaganza aside, let me just tell you, it has been a struggle for me to keep up with my daily shooting and editing with the kids home this summer.

i so do NOT want to be a quitty mcquittington this go round, so i am hoping the amazing ladies that i have teamed up with, will help drag me to the finish line next january.

so without further ado, here is my week.  i cannot for the life of me remember what exactly number week i am in right now (hey, i have a kid who is KICKING. HER. BROTHER. people) so, let's just say it's 30 something or other.


thanks for dropping by and please complete the circle and head on over to my fabulous friend mary, of mary slone photography and see how her week shaped up!!! hopefully kicking was NOT involved.


  1. Beautiful captures Jennifer! Just love the bath time picture! Can't wait to see more next week!

  2. beautiful work.......I simple adore that tub photo!

  3. Each image is as amazing as the next. I see she kicks bubbles too.

  4. Each image is as amazing as the next. I see she kicks bubbles too.

  5. Always so much emotion in every image! I just love your work Jenny! That last image is so so gorgeous!

  6. I sure hope you continue to post! Lovely images.

  7. Beyond excited to be part of a "project" with you again! Truly one of my favorite people! Always in awe of your amazing eye and incomparable skill as an image maker!

  8. LOL! Jenn you absolutely crack me up. I'm sorely disappointed that I don't live near you anymore -- we would have fun. I'm dead certain.

    These images are perfection, as always. That bath tub image -- *swoon*

    So glad we're doing this together!! Xo

  9. Love these! My five year old is going through something similar, but she just hauls off and whacks people when aggravated. Not fun. I've spent way to much time being disciplinarian mommy lately. :/ Lovely photographs!

  10. Every single one of these photos is awesome! Amazing week!

  11. oh your words and images are so real...stunning.

  12. These are wonderful! I'm in love with the toy machine one.

  13. Absolutely beautiful week! Your commentary in the beginning had me cracking up!! <3