a (very) short trip to the museum of natural history

one of the perks of living near dc, is being able to visit some pretty awesome museums...even for just a few minutes. 

the last time we were in the city (a little over month ago...or so) we hit up the museum of national history and pretty much fast walked through the whole thing in half an hour before we headed home. literally. we had to do it that quickly because we wanted to NOT get stuck in rush hour traffic  (seriously...if you've EVER lived in the dc area you know exactly what i mean). please don't feel bad for my kids!!! this is about the 4th time they've been there and we had only come into the city to meet up with my husband for a late lunch!!

anyway...we did get to visit the museum for a bit and i did manage to take a few shots here and there. 

it definitely got more colorful on the way home though...

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