my 365 - and then we snapped

i'm just gonna come right out and say it, i am behind and i haven't clue one as to where i am in my 365. 

for reals.

the goodish news is that school starts today.

while i will miss my kids (stop looking at me like that!! i will!!), i am looking forward to be able to sit in quiet and be able to THINK without having to deal with two arguing siblings, or deal with the newest thing they love to do. 

it's gross. 

it rhymes with harting and starts with an "f" and it happens all. day. long. 

farting ladies and gentlemen.

my kids love to fart on each other. 

well, we try to make it sound cute and call it "tooting" but it's still a smelly, smelly thing.

my son will sit on his sister's head and fart. 

then she will jump on him when he least expects it and do it right back.

then my son retaliates somehow and will tell his sister to "breathe it in nice and deep!!!"

i mean, REALLY?????

anyway...i'm just going to post some pics that i've shot recently, pretend that i'm all caught up, and enjoy my coffee without interruption...

or flatulence.

thanks for stopping by!! 

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