dancing in the street

day 128/365

holy moly, it's been a while hasn't it??

so. very. sorry.

anyway...i've still been taking my pictures daily. so let's just pretend that little break never happened...m'kay??

so, i found this light over this hill on the way back from somewhere. as we were driving by, i just said "oh." to which my husband turned to me and said "what?" "nothing," i replied "it's just really beautiful light." "do you want me to stop jenn?" "you don't have to," i said, clearly wanting him to have to. he turned the car around and we found this spot. he waited on the other side of the hill, just in case and i worked with our kids. we were just about ready to head back to the car when i looked up and they were dancing. just like this. i quickly took some shots and, well, that was it.

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