a christmas tree picking we will go

why hello there!! glad you could visit!!

let me catch you up to date on all of the shenanigans going on over here in our neck of the woods. oh and just an fyi, i love the word shenanigans.

not too long ago, my husband and i looked at each other and decided to cut down our very own christmas tree. you know, the great outdoors? really roughing it in the elements...just like the people of yore, or olden times, or our forefathers, or…heck you get the idea. anyway, we drove out to a farm and trudged around in the mud (it had rained like the dickens the night before, there were puddles everywhere) and looked around for our tree. it took us a while. tears were shed (hey, don't look at me like that…it was COLD and WET and those were my favorite boots people!!!), but we found our tree!!! wahoo!!

thank you so very much for stopping by!! please head on over to my dear friend, yasmina's blog to see what her gorgeous family has been up to!!  make sure to check out her FAB facebook page and give her some love as well!!

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  1. Ah, I adore the tones in your photos!! Great post and funny! We missed out on cutting our tree this Christmas but we're going to next time.