mini-a-fur golf

day 119/365

we took the kids miniature golfing at this really cool spot in reston, va. the whole place was this awesome indiana jones-ish/adventurer theme and i was in heaven (editor's note: i had a mad crush on one harrison ford when i was younger and i LOVE the indian jones series. i will also throw out random quotes if the situation calls for it and it ALWAYS calls for it.) some of the stuff creeped out the kids...ella in particular, but they both had a great time and we stopped keeping score at around the 2nd hole. that's when it became this mad free-for-all where it was more polo meets miniature golf, but they were having fun, so that was the best part. getting pictures of them wasn't so easy...so this shot took a ton of coaxing and begging (on my part).

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