monkey hat

day 99/365

allow me to bore you with the story of this monkey hat. my son has an angry birds one and my daughter has this monkey. i freaking love when she puts it on. love. it tickles me to no end to see my daughter in her mismatched clothes (she dresses herself and i gave up on the whole "clothes need to match" thing a long time ago) and this hat atop her head. so i dragged her into the garage (cause garage lighting is da bomb) and took a few pictures. i'm pretty sure that she is getting really sick of my picture taking at this point, but i'm hoping that she'll get over that pretty quick. i mean, come on, it's a monkey hat people!!


  1. she's SO adorable, and that monkey hat is awesome!! love that pretty catchlight in her pretty eye!!

  2. thank you so very much friend!! <3